Locked Up Together

My current life circumstances inspired me to create this series. On March 18th 2020 I left my home in Budapest to move in with my 67 year old father for an indefinite time to do the housekeeping and take care of him, as he suffers from type 1 diabetes and he can not leave the house due to his extremely vulnerable state. These times are really challenging for everyone in different ways. Personally, I am reliving childhood traumas while forgotten old habits are becoming routine again. I am learning what DIY arts and crafts mean to my father and I am starting to recognise behavioral patterns. These keep him busy and sane, while he is loosing stamina, capability and life purpose as he is growing older.
This series capture the essence of this strange relationship between us, infused by time, honesty, solitude, love, hate, caring and vulnerability.

Hello, I am Barnie.